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You don't wear socks while Surfing.

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โˆ™ 2011-02-11 03:40:06
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Q: What color socks should you wear?
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Should you wear black socks to exercise?

It doesn't matter what color your socks are!!

What color socks should you wear with moccasins?

Any color you want

What color socks should you wear with brown shoes kahkis and a blue shirt?

Brown socks.

What color socks should you wear with black tennis shoes?


What color socks can you wear with sandals?

None. Don't wear socks with sandals. Ever.

What color socks should you wear with white tennis shoes?

orange with pink strips

How often should you wear socks?

You should wear socks every time you wear shoes, unless you wear sandals, and you should change them daily.

What color socks match mahogany c0lored shoes?

Mahogany is a shade of dark brown. You should wear whatever color socks that match your trousers when wearing mahogany colored shoes.

Should Vans be worn without socks?

No, it's just up to you and what's comfortable, with this shoes you can also wear an usually banned color like white and light coloured socks. Though when in shorts, you better stick to ankle socks, with which apply the same color rule you follow with long pants, so you can still wear white socks unlike when you wear loafers.

What color socks does nathan kress wear-?

He wears white socks

What color socks does Nathan kress wear?

he wears white socks

What color socks should you put on blue or green?

well if you can't decide I don't know about you but I would just wear both socks green and blue

Should you wear football socks?

You should always wear football socks or socks under any shoe other wise you will start finding sweaty feet

Should boys wear footy socks?

Yes boys should footy socks

What should you wear to the gym?

A leotard and no socks (but if you like to wear socks, i'm sure your teacher will let you) You should have your hair pulled up.

What do you wear with shorts?

I wear white knee socks with stripes at the top to match the color of my shorts but only in short shorts. if i wear cargo or board shorts i wear white short socks.

What color socks does Cameron Boyce From Jessie wear?

Cameron Boyce From Jessie wears white socks.

Do brown socks go with grey pants?

The rule is that the socks color should go with the shirt color and not the pants color.

What are the fashion rules regarding sandals with socks or white socks with "fancy attire" for men?

Men should not wear any type of sock with any sandals. When wearing dress shoes, the color of their dress sock should match their shoe.

Is wearing red socks cool?

Red is a very christmasy color, but is also the color of bravery and courage. Usually, people do not think this far into it though. Personally, only females should wear socks who's colors are different than black and white.

Should you wear socks with baton shoes?


Does Black socks make your feet smell?

Depending on what they are made of they could and the color also keep heat in. If you have a problem this way wear cotton socks so they can breathe. I have found woolen socks are wonderful to wear ( no they aren't hot).

Should you wear American Eagle Avery Mary Jane shoes with or without socks?

no socks!

What length socks should men wear with their black gym shoes?

Crew length socks.

Can you wear grey socks with black shoes?

yeah the color combo is good so as long as the style of the shoes and socks match