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light blue

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Q: What color shirt Italian soccer players?
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Which Italian soccer player wears shirt number 8?

There have been a number of Italian soccer players that have worn the shirt number 8 both professionally and non professionally. There have been 6 soccer professional players with the number 8 on their shirt in the last year alone.

What color is a soccer referees uniform?

normally it would be black but sometimes depending on the players kit it could be either yellow shirt or green shirt

What are the players equipment of a soccer game?

The 5S's shirt, shorts, shingaurds, shoes, socks and well a soccer ball.

What color is the soccer team la galaxys jerseys?

home shirt is white, away shirt is black

What is the colour shirt of Italian soccer player?

Blue. "Squadra Azurra" means "Blue Team".

What should soccer players wear?

A shirt, shorts, shin guards, socks and boots with cleats.

What are the Italian soccer team colors?

blue and white; the home shirt is blue and the away one is white

What famous soccer players have worn number 33?

Alex from Chelsea currently wears the number 33 shirt

What famous soccer players wear 14?

Thierry Henry wore this shirt at arsenal, although Walcott does now

Soccer players who wear 0?

None The Lowest Legal Number is No.1 Outfielders Can Also Wear The No.1 Shirt

What soccer players wear 14?

Two famous players come to mind who have worn the number 14 shirt. The great Johan Cruyff of Holland and Thierry Henry

Why does Italian soccer players use light blue shirt?

It is said that the jersey was chosen to be blue as a honor to the royal Savoia family of Italy. During the first two games that the official national team played, the players wore white shirts with their club team shorts, after which blue was chosen.

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