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Q: What color ring represents Europe in the Olympic flag?
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What is the color middle ring on the top of the Olympic flag?

it means that there is heat in the countries

What does the blue ring stand for on the Olympics logo?

The colors of the Olympic rings represent the colors any nation may have on its flag with no exceptions. So the color blue represents the blue in any national flag, such as Greek, French, Swedish and so on.

What colour represents America in Olympic flag?


What does each colour on the olympic flag represent?

Every country has at least one of these colors on their flag

Which color ring represents the US?

If this question correlates to the rings in the olympic flag then the answer is that no ring represents the US. The rings represents continents rather than countries. The american continents are represented by the red ring.

What is the meaning of the color yellow on the Olympic flag?

There is no particular meaning to each color in the Olympic flag. The colors that are on the flag represent the colors that can be found in almost all nations of the world.

What do the colors of the black history flag mean?

The Red On The Flag Represents The Blood. The Black On The Flag Represents The Race (Skin Color). The Green Represents The Land.

In Olympic Rings which colour represents which continent?

I don't think the IOC considers them to recognize continents. It is said the five colors represent all the flags of the world at least one color appearing in every flag.

What does the color in the middle of the flag represents?

That depends on what flag your talking about dude.

What does the flag of Costa Rica mean?

Costa Rican flag has 3 colors, it was inspired directly from the flag of France. The blue color represents the blue sky, the white color represents the peace, and finally, the red color represents the blood of the people who fought for the country.

What does Canada's flag color mean?

The Canadian flag represents the following the white represents peace, and honesty, where as the red represents hardiness, strength, bravery, and valour.

What color is not on the flag of any country?

The colours which ARE on the Olympic flag are Red Blue Green Yellow and Black on a White background. Any other colours than these are not on the Olympic flag.