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black and yellow

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Q: What color jersey will the broncos wear this sunday?
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What color jersey will the broncos wear for the super bowl?

white jersey

What color jersey will the broncos wear in the super bowl?


What color jersey will the broncos wear today?

When they are playing in denver they wear the blue ones. Anywhere else the where the white ones.

What games do the Broncos where their orange jersey?

They wear orange during home games.

What color uniform do the Denver Broncos wear today?


What color of jersey the team will wear Sunday the Feb 7 2010?

Since the Indianapolis Colts have chosen to wear their Speed Blue jerseys the New Orleans Saints will wear their white jerseys.

Why does Denver Broncos never wear the orange throwback jerseys?

The navy blue is the primary home color and the old coach didn't care must for the orange alternate jersey. However, due to overwhelming fan support of the orange jersey, the orange jersey and navy blue jersey will switch in the 2012 season. Thus the orange jersey will be the primary home color, and the navy blue jersey will become the alternate jersey.

What color jersey did the Pittsburgh Steelers wear on Sunday September 25 2011?

On Sunday night, September 25, 2011, the Steelers wore their white jerseys against the Indianapolis Colts.

What color helmets did the Denver Broncos wear in their debut season of 1960?


What color jerseys did Denver Broncos wear at home during 1990s?

Which uniform set they specifically wore for each game would vary greatly, as the home team gets to choose their jersey color first.The Broncos wear either their home, away or alternate (orange) jerseys to most games aside from special events (such as the throwback games to commemorate the AFL).

Do lacrosse goalies wear a different color jersey from the rest of the team?

No, goalies wear the same color jersey. They have to or else people will think they are from a different team. :)

Who wore Denver Broncos 30 jersey?

Terrell Davis is the most famous to wear #30 in Denver

What color does an adult Catholic wear on Easter Sunday?

Any color you want.

What color of uniform does the soccer teams needs to wear?

It depends on what the team decides to wear. They decide as a team on what color their jersey's should be. Sometimes the coach will pick the jerseys and jersey color.

What color jersey will the Texas Rangers wear tonight April 24th?

What color do the rangers wear at home games

What color jersey will Philadelphia Eagles wear in Atlanta?

White jersey with green pants

What color jersey do the cowboys wear at home?


What color jersey does the leader wear in the tour of Spain?


What color jersey do hockey teams wear at home?


When basketball players are at home what color jersey do they wear?


What color robe does the priest wear on palm Sunday?

On Palm Sunday the priests of the Catholic Church are to wear a purple cope for the blessing of the palms, the procession and then purple vestments for the following Mass. During Lent the vestment color is violet. On Palm Sunday the color is Red.

What color robe does the priest wear at Pentecost Sunday?

The priest wears a RED robe on Pentecost Sunday. 🔴🔴🔴

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Red vestments are worn on Passion (Palm) Sunday.

What color does the Catholic priest wear on Palm Sunday?

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What color jersey will the mavericks wear away?

They right now wear white but I think they should wear blue