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Q: What color is the home jersey for the Philadelphia Eagles?
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What color is the away jersey for the Philadelphia Eagles?

The away jersey of the Philadelphia Eagles is much like the home jersey except the colors are reversed. On the home jerseys there is dark green and the number, logo, and name is white, on the away jersey IT IS WHITE AND THE NUMBER, LOGO, AND NAME IS DAEK GREEN. Also the alternate jerseys are the same as the home jerseys, except the dark green is replaced with black.

What color Dallas jersey do you wear to Dallas eagles game?

Home white, Away Blue

What color jersey will the eagles where today against the vikings?

Their white on green uniforms, as they are not playing at home.

Where do the Philadelphia Eagles play their home games?

The Eagles play their home games at Lincoln Financial Field, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

What is the Pittsburgh Steelers record at home versus the Philadelphia Eagles?

The Steelers played 39 games in Pittsburgh versus the Philadelphia Eagles. They have a home record of 18-21.

What color is the home jersey for the New England Patriots?

the patriots home jersey color is blue

What home town does the football team Eagles come from?


Do the Philadelphia Eagles always lose at home when playing in white?


In what state do the Philadelphia Eagles play home games?


Where is the Philadelphia Eagles home field?

Lincoln Financial Field.

What is the Philadelphia Eagles home field?

Lincoln Financial Field

Where did the Philadelphia Eagles first play in the NFL?

The Philadelphia Eagles were an expansion team that joined the NFL in 1933. They played their 1933 home games at the Baker Bowl in Philadelphia.

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