What color is nba rim?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Q: What color is nba rim?
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Inches of NBA basketball rim from the floor?

8 ft is the official NBA height from floor to the rim.

How high is an nba rim?

From the floor to the rim it is 10 feet tall or around 3 metres.

How big is an nba rim?

18 inches in diameter

Which NBA player can dunk on the highest rim?

rajon rondick

How far above the floor is the NBA basketball ring?

8 ft is the official NBA height from the floor to the rim.

Is a high school basketball rim taller than a NBA one?


How tall is the rim for WNBA vs NBA?

Same height, 10ft

What does NBA today do on NBA 2k10?

Dwayne Wade's hanging on rim Lebron James' Chalk Toss Kevin Garnett's Fist Pump

When did NBA allow Players to hang on the rim without penalty?

when the playe are in warm up.

Why are there different colored basketballs?

It the color of the rim

How high is a basketball hoop?

10 feet From High School to the NBA the the vertical distance from the floor directly below the rim to the top of the rim is 10 feet.

Can Dwight Howard dunk a14 foot rim?

Yes.. 2009 NBA Dunk Contest