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Football is brown

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Q: What color is football?
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Why is the color of the football brown?

Because football is brown.

What color is the usc trojans football helmet color?


What color is the Kuwait football uniform?

The Kuwaiti football uniform is blue

How do you change the color yellow to the color white on a football helmet?


What is the color of Uruguays football shirt?

The colour of Uruguay's football shirt is light blue.

Why is the color of the Netherlands football team orange?

Because its one of the color of flag of Netherlands.

What color is the England football shirt?

The home England football shirt is white and away is red.

What color should a football goalpost be?


What color ofholands football kit?


What color is the Football fish?

Orange and Brown

What color is the laces on the football?


What color is a football?

Most Footballs are brown with white markings

What color is Slovenia football strip?

yellow is the colour of slovenias strip on there football kit

What is the official color of the Manchester United football team?

The official color of Manchester United is RED

What is the jersey color of the Italian football team?


What is the jersey color of the Brazilian football team?


What Color of hat does the football referees wear?


What is the color of pants worn by football referees?


What is the official pantone colors for a football?

I just spent 20 minutes in Dick's Sporting Goods with an official NFL leather one and a official high school leather football and a Color Bridge and the color of a brand new one is 7524C but if you want what we all think of as a football, it would be darker due to the oils in your hands. The new color is very pinky brown.

Why is orange a celebration color in Amsterdam?

Orange is the color of the royal family and also the dutch football team.

Did jakie robbinson break the color barrier for football?

Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier for baseball.

What is the color for the college football team in Oregon?

yellow and green!

What color is University of Texas Football jersey?

Burnt Orange

What color is the cap of the head referee in a football game?


What professional football teams wear the color orange?