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Orioles are orange and black. The breast of the oriole is a bright orange with hints of yellow, while the face, back, wings and tail are black

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Q: What color is an oriole?
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What color of egg does a Baltimore Oriole have?

white or blue

How many types of orioles are there?

Different types of orioles are:- Bullocks Oriole, Hooded Oriole, Scott's Oriole, Baltimore Oriole,Orchard Oriole etc.

What is the oriole mascott name?

A Oriole

Is an oriole a mammal?

An oriole is a bird.

How much does an oriole weigh?

An oriole weighs about 7oz.

How tall is an oriole?

an oriole is about 3cm to 5cm tall

What is the name of the black and orange oriole?

Baltimore Oriole.

What is the definition of oriole?

An oriole is a brightly coloured bird.

What is Maryland's state bird?

Baltimore OrioleBaltimore OrioleMarylands state bird is the Baltimore Oriole.

What does the oriole bird symbolize?

An oriole symbolizes for happiness, peace, and tranquility. In Chinese symbolism the oriole symbolizes joy and music.

How do you pronounce Oriole?

Oriole is pronounced Oh-ree-ole.

When was Oriole Warbler created?

Oriole Warbler was created in 1831.

When was Moriche Oriole created?

Moriche Oriole was created in 1766.

When was Oriole Blackbird created?

Oriole Blackbird was created in 1766.

What is the name of the Baltimore Oriole's park?

Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Who is the Baltimore Orioles mascot?

It's an oriole bird. THE Oriole bird.

When was HMCS Oriole created?

HMCS Oriole was created on 1952-06-19.

When was Black-naped Oriole created?

Black-naped Oriole was created in 1766.

When was Baltimore Oriole - song - created?

Baltimore Oriole - song - was created in 1942.

When was Oriole Park at Camden Yards created?

Oriole Park at Camden Yards was created in 1992.

Are oriole is herbivore?

well oriole eat orange nectar and humming birds so its omnivore

What is the size of a Baltimore oriole bird?

The Baltimore oriole ranges from seven to eight inches in length.

What does an oriole look like?

The Baltimore oriole is a bird that is brightly colored. The male oriole has an orange colored breast with a black head. The female has an yellow-orange breast and a gray colored head.

Where is the Altamira Oriole found?

The Altamira Oriole is found in southernmost Texas in tall trees, willows, and mesquite.

What is the difference between a robin and an oriole?

What kind of oriole do you mean? No matter what kind of oriole it is, there are more differences than similarities. Robins and orioles don't look, act or sound similar.