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  • yellow is the colour of slovenias strip on there football kit
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Q: What color is Slovenia football strip?
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Who is the manager of Slovenia football team?

The current manager of the Slovenia football team is Matjaž Kek.

What is the color of Uruguay's football strip?

Sky-blue shirt, black short and socks.

What are the sports Slovenia plays?


What is Slovenia national sport?


What is the key football player of Slovenia?


What is the lowest scoring football league in Europe?


Who is the lowest paid in the football industry?

Football Strip Makers

In Slovenia is there football?

Yes Slovenians are cool and everybody loves them

What is the color of Germany football team kits?

They plain mainly in white, with black, red and yellow trim. Their away strip is green.

Which football team is better Algeria or Slovenia?

According to the official FIFA World Rankings, Algeria are 30th in the World and Slovenia 25th.

What strip are England football playing in today?


What colour is Uruguay football strip?

Sky blue.

What color is football?

Football is brown

Is the striped color on wire the actual color of the wire?

No, example- If the wire is blue with a white strip, (which is your remote wire for the amp turn-on) the wire is blue, the strip is not the color.

What is the color and smell of strip-n-all?


I dyed my hair red and I hate the color what should I do?

strip the color out and dye over it..

What is the meaning of number 5 on a football strip?

hehehe i don't know

Why is the color of the football brown?

Because football is brown.

Is Slovenia a good football team?

yes they are because they have won against Algeria 1-0. They have drawed against usa 2-2. Now they have to beat England. come on Slovenia.

Does baking soda strip color from hair?

not at all. peroxide does

What color does a strip of litmus paper turn when it is dipped into baking soda?

The color become blue.

The amazing Alabama football play known as The Strip was made by who?

George Teague

Which English football team recently wore a pink away strip?


What colour is the Chelsea football club home strip?

Chelsea is dark blue.

What color is the usc trojans football helmet color?