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Q: What color is Detroit Tigers home game uniforms?
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Did the Tigers ever lose a game?

Yes, the Detroit Tigers have lost a few of their games.

When did the Detroit Tigers form?

The Detroit Tigers were founded in 1894. They played their first game as a Major League team on April 25, 1901.

What stadium did the Detroit Tigers play in on August 20 1974?

The Detroit Tigers play at Comerica Park in downtown Detroit.

What is the longest game between the New York Yankees and the Detroit Tigers?

The longest game between the Yankees and the Tigers lasted 22 innings. The game was played on June 24, 1962 at Detroit and the Yankees won the game 9-7.

What 4 pitchers to win 20 games in one season for the Detroit Tigers?

The Detroit Tigers have never had four 20-game winners in a single season.

Did the Detroit Tigers win on Aug 3 2010?

On August 3, 2010, the Detroit Tigers played a doubleheader against the Chicago White Sox. The Tigers lost the first game, 12-2 and won the second game, 7-1.

Who holds Detroit Tigers record for most rbi in a game?

Jim Northrup

What was the score for the 1945 World Series with the Chicago Cubs and Detroit Tigers?

The Detroit Tigers beat the Chicago Cubs four games to three in the 1945 World Series. The scores of each game is as follows (Home team in Bold): * Game 1 Chicago 9 - Detroit 0 * Game 2 Detroit 4 - Chicago 1 * Game 3 Chicago 3 - Detroit0 * Game 4 Detroit 4 - Chicago 1 * Game 5 Detroit 8 - Chicago 4 * Game 6 Chicago 8 - Detroit 7 (12 innings) * Game 7 Detroit 9 - Chicago 3

In movie fo love of the game what team was Billy Chapel traded to?

Detroit Tigers

When and where did baseball player Justin Verlander play?

Justin Verlander plays for the Detroit Tigers.

Who wore Detroit Tigers jersey number 30 in 2002?

In 2002, George Lombard wore #30 for the Detroit Tigers. Kris Keller also wore the #30 for one game on May 24th.

Why did Kevin Costner choose the Detroit Tigers to represent in the movie For Love of the Game?

Because the tigers are the best team in baseball and he wanted to be a part of it