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Shaun White's eyes are green.

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Q: What color are shaun white's eyes?
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what color is shaun cassidy eyes are

What color eyes does Shaun Diviney have?

Shaun Diviney has green or brown eyes, depending on how the light hits them. : )

What is shaun whites favorite color?

his fave colours are red and green check on... shaun white: blerb

What is Shaun Whites best trick?

shaun whites best trick is the nollie lazer flip.

What is Shaun Whites full name?

Shaun Roger White

What is Shaun Whites aim?


Does Shaun White have green eyes or brown eyes?

Yes and no, his eyes are hazel which are a mixture of both. At times his eyes will look more brown or green depending on what color he is wearing...Hope I helped.

What causes dark color on the whites of eyes?

The sun because they are freckles that the sun gives you.

When is Shaun Whites birthday?

September 3

Is it possible to get a tattoo on your eye?

sort of. You can get the whites of your eyes tattooed any color but its hard to do a design.

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The white in a pit bulls eyes should not be red. The eye color should be on white.

Where did Shaun Whites nickname come from?

i think that is his name

What is the proper name for the whites of the eyes?

Sclera are the whites of the eyes

Who was Shaun Whites parents?

Mom is Cathy and dad is Roger.

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Color your eyeball? No. But you can tattoo the whites of your eyes. Or Use contact linses to change the color.

Will your eye whites get brighter when you stop smoking?

Yes, many people have reported that the whites of their eyes have gotten brighter after they quit smoking. The color may also appear brighter.

What is shaun whites girlfriends name?

Shaun White is single is what I hear of. I'm pretty sure he is not dating anyone.

Why do the whites of your eyes turn yellow?

The whites of the eyes may get a yellow tinge if you are a smoker. But one of the most common reasons for the whites of the eyes turning yellow is a symptom of liver failure.

What is Shaun Whites favorite song?

its rolling stones playing with fire

Why are your whites of your eyes not white?

the whites of your eyes is in reference to the white arond ur eye

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Nothing. It's fairly hard to avoid showing the whites of your eyes.

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A light skinned person will have a slight yellow coloring to the skin. The whites of the eyes are a better place to look for this.

What color is shaun biggs head?

Shaun biggs is head is green and gtrape shape

What is Shaun Whites new move called?

His new move is called the Double McTwist 1260.