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Q: What collegiate football division is James Madison university?
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Where dos the Wisconsin badgers basketball team play at?

The football team known as the Badgers is located in Madison, Wisconsin, as in the University of Wisconsin Badgers. They play their games at Camp Randall stadium.

How division one college football teams in Virginia?

10. Division 1-A: University of Virginia, Virginia Tech. Division 1-AA: VMI, Hampton, James Madison, Norfolk State, Old Dominion, Richmond, Liberty, William and Mary.

Does James Madison University have a wrestling team?

The NCAA Division I varsity program was cut "because of Title IX." It was one of ten varsity sports cut after the 2006-2007 season. More likely (but the school wouldn't officially admit this) it was from JMU wanting to divert funding toward aspirations of a Division I-A (FBS) football team. Ever since the varsity program was cut, JMU has a club level wrestling team. Beginning in 2009-2010, the team competes in the Mid-Atlantic Conference within the NCWA (National Collegiate Wrestling Association). JMU has been competitive within the MAC, placing as high as 4th.

What has the author Eric Ferris written?

Eric Ferris has written: 'A season with coach Dick Bennett' -- subject(s): Football, History, University of Wisconsin--Madison

When was College of Business - James Madison University - created?

College of Business - James Madison University - was created in 1968.

Where is James Madison university?

JMU is at Harrisonburg, VA. It was formerly named Madison College.

Where is the Chazen Museum Of Art University Of Wisconsin - Madison in Madison Wisconsin located?

The address of the Chazen Museum Of Art University Of Wisconsin - Madison is: 800 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53706

When was the university of Wisconsin Madison found?

The University of Wisconsin Madison was founded in 1848.

Is the James Madison University Mascot the duikes or the dogs?

The James Madison University mascot is called the Duke Dog.

Was is the hardest university to get into in Wisconsin?

Marquette University UW Madison

What is university of Texas football record against Wisconsin?

1-0. The schools have met once, that in the 1939 regular season in Madison, with Texas winning 17-7.

Did James Madison found James Madison University?

No. James Madison died in 1836. James Madison University was founded in 1908, as Madison College, a ladies' teachers' college. However, it was named in honor of President James Madison who lived about 120 miles away from the its site .