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i think academy of arts university in san fransisco. i know they have sports, not sure if that includes cheer

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Q: What colleges offer cheerleading and fashion design?
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Where can fashion be studied?

Colleges that offer majors in fashion design and merchandising include: Philadelphia University Parsons School of Design Savannah College of Art and Design FIT FIDM Cazenovia College Centenary College

Want to create a clothe design?

If you would like to create clothing or design clothing, it is a good idea to take courses in fashion design. You can take those courses at most colleges that offer programs in design.

What are some colleges that offer interior design courses?

Almost all colleges offer interior design courses. Depending on your area though you can research which colleges are the best for interior design courses.

Which business vocational technical schools offer courses in fashion design?

You generally won't find fashion design courses at a vocational tech school. Rather, there are two-year and four-year degree programs offered through colleges and universities.

Which universities and colleges offer fashion design in South Africa?

in cape town in south Africa is a fashionschool or try the following site From: Charlton Bowkers

Where can I study Fashion merchandising in Johannesburg?

LISOF offer a commercial fashion course, have a look at for more information, In order to get into fashion merchandising one needs to have a decent background in garment tech and garment construction so the fashion design colleges are your best bet.

Where can you earn an associate's degree in fashion design?

Answer You can actually join the many Art Institutes across the nation. Most of the institutes offer either associates or bachelors or even both in fashion design. Some cities do not offer the design agree, but just in merchandising. FIT in New York City FIDM in Los Angeles IADT colleges in certain cities

What schools in Florida offer fashion design?

The best school I may offer is the Art Institute of Tampa and Miami International University of Art & Design. These two schools have the same focus when it comes to arts and design. In "The Art Institute of Tampa", they provide education in design, media arts, fashion and culinary arts while in Miami International University of art, they offer design, media and visual arts, fashion, and culinary arts.

What colleges offer a degree in web developing?

There are a number of online colleges that offer a degree in Web Design. They include Kaplan University, Devry University, Everest University, and the International Academy of Design and technology. They all offer an associate's degree, and some offer a bachelor's degree as well.

Does school of fashion design ma offer a 1 year diploma?

Yes, they do.

How do I start my own underwear fashion business?

Arts colleges offer courses on lingerie design which will include how to get financial backing, suppliers of materials and access to factories for stock make-up. Courses can be found at the London College of Fashion, DeMontfort University and the School of Sewing.

Is fashion a science career?

If your looking to get a degree in fashion design, some schools offer a B.S. in Fashion Design, which carries more weight than a B.F.A. There are related majors more concerned with science, such as textile design and textile engineering.