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SUNY Cortland

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Q: What colleges in new York offer sports marketing as a major?
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What colleges offer the best programs for careers in sports marketing?

A career in sports marketing is not offered in many colleges. One of the very few colleges that offer this degree is the Duke University which is also one of the best college in the world.

What colleges offer sports broadcasting classes?

the colleges that offer sports bradcasting classes are the ones that you cant get in to

What colleges and universities offer sports and drama degrees?

Sports and drama colleges mostly, they are not really majors unless you want to go into physical education or sports marketing. Drama majors are useful for education jobs as well as directing, scripting and acting jobs.

What colleges in Ohio offer marketing programs?

There are a large number of colleges in Ohio that offer marketing programs. Some of the top colleges that offer this program are Ohio State University, University of Cincinnati, Columbus State Community College, and University of Akron.

What schools offer online marketing classes?

There are numerous colleges and universities that offer online marketing classes. There are also numerous correspondence schools that also offer online marketing classes. There are even online schools that offer marketing classes.

What colleges offer degrees in sports in Minnesota?

None of them

Do colleges offer risk management classes?

Colleges definitely offer risk management classes if they offer a finance or a business major. Most major universities and college have these sorts of classes.

What colleges provide credited Graduate level online marketing courses which I can do in my spare time?

Online marketing is a very general topic. Any credited colleges would offer it, and mostly all colleges now offer online courses. You can do it online if you'd like to go at your own pace.

What Community Colleges offer Sports Management programs?

poo bum

What major would qualify me to work in the front office of a professional sports team?

There are colleges and universities that offer degrees in Sports Management. This would be a good possibility for you. You should check with your home county community college, as well as other four year colleges and universities within your geographical location.

Where can I receive an online marketing degree?

You can obtain Online Marketing degrees from various colleges. Many of them offer online classes. Phoenix University as well as Daytona State College offer such classes.

What services does Andretti Sports Marketing offer?

Andretti Sports Marketing, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, works with clients to most effectively advertise their brands within the sports industry. This includes all aspects of sports marketing from signage to event management and social media management.

What colleges in California offer sports management'?

I think St. Marys and Pepperdine do

What to major in for special ed teacher?

There are colleges and universities do offer a major in special education.

What kind of degree do I need for marketing jobs?

Most colleges have a specific marketing degree program. You can find accredited schools that offer an Associates or Bachelors degree.

List of schools offering sports journalism?

This is a very big question, and it is difficult for us to answer because there are hundreds of schools that offer courses in sports journalism; many of the schools that offer a journalism degree allow you to specialize in sports reporting. I do not know where you live, but look at the websites of the colleges and universities in your state that have a Journalism major, and see if they offer courses in sports reporting. You ideally want to attend a school that not only has a Journalism major, but one that has its own newspaper or TV or radio station, so that you can apply the skills you are learning in your courses and get some good experience.

What colleges, either University or Junior College, offers the best marketing classes?

The University of Pennsylvania is one of the best in the United States. I believe that it was founded by Benjamin Franklin. Many other colleges also offer courses and degrees in marketing.

What colleges offer the major for psychiatry?

that depends on your country and the place where you live!!!

Are there colleges that offer Paleontology as a major and where?

The University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado.

What online colleges offer degrees in marketing?

Many local colleges now offer degree plans that are completely online. Also, there are fully online colleges such as, University of Phoenix and Capella. Always make sure an online school is accredited before starting any program.

What universities and colleges offer x ray technician classes?

You can find information about universities and colleges that offer classes in e ray technicians on the following

How many colleges and universities in the US Offer Men and Women's Squash Sports Scholarships?


Do Junior colleges in the USA offer sports scholarships?

Yes, National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) does offer athletic scholarships.

Online marketing classes for graduate level education?

You can go on your local college's website to see what classes are available for you to take. There are a lot of community colleges that will offer marketing courses.

What universities and colleges offer a major in security?

It can be a major in a university or college, but not in any university or college, as it depends on what the university has to offer. Make sure you ask which universities offer the course you want.