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There are a variety of colleges and universities within and around the Houston metroplex area. For state universities, there is the University of Houston, University of Houston-Clear Lake, University of Houston-Downton, and Texas Southern University. For private universities, there is Rice University, North American University, Houston Graduate School of Theology, Houston Baptist University, and the University of St. Thomas. There are also the three community college systems Ð Houston Community College System, Lone Star College System, and San Jacinto College.

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Q: What colleges and universities are within 100 miles of Houston Texas?
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Texas has a total of 208 Colleges and Universities .

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university of Houston in Houston Texas

2 Major Universities or Colleges in Texas?

Texas A&M UniversityTexas State University

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Is Houston a city or a country?

Houston is a city in the state of Texas, United States. It is not a country.

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Are there any universities in the state of Texas?

The most well known universities in Texas include: The University of Texas at Austin Texas State University - San Marcos Texas A&M University Texas Tech University University of Houston Rice University Texas Christian University Southern Methodist University University of North Texas

Can you transfer college credit from Grand Canyon University to Sam Houston University in Texas?

Grand Canyon University has the preferred regional accreditation by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Therefore the coursework and degree will be recognized by all other colleges and universities. Still, how many credits will transfer is always up to the receiving institution (in this case, Sam Houston University), the specific program of study (major), and the course equivalency.

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