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Florida and LSU have each won two BCS championships. No one else has won more than one.

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LSU won the first BCS National Championship.

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Q: What college won the first BCS national championship?
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What do players get for winning college BCS national championship?


What is the college football Super Bowl?

BCS National Championship

What is bcs and what does it do?

BCS stands for Bowl Championship Series. It determines what two teams would play in the National Championship Game. The championship game winner would become the college football national champion.

What does the BCS stand for in the BCS national championship game?

It stands for Bowl championship series.

What is the BCS national championship game called on ncaa football 12?

"The BCS National Championship Game, presented by Allstate."

What to team played in the bcs college football national championship in 2013?


What is the highest college bowl game?

The BCS National Championship game which is the last bowl game of the year.It pits the #1 and #2 ranked teams in the BCS poll.

When did the BCS begin in college football?

The first BCS season was in 2003 with the BCS Championship Game in 2004. It was won by the LSU Tigers. They beat the Oklahoma Sooners 21-14.

What does BCS stand for national championship?

Bowl championship Series

Has there ever been a shared bcs national champion?

No, the BCS is decided by a single game, the winner is the champion. However, there has been a shared National Championship since the BCS began. LSU won the BCS national title game in 2003, but the AP granted the National Championship to USC.

What is the BCS national championship trophy made of?


When did the BCS start?

The BCS came into picture in the 1998 season. The first BCS championship game was held in January of 1999 between Tennessee and Florida State. Tennessee won 23-16 to become the first BCS National Champions.