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Q: What college was LeBron James going to?
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What number did LeBron James wear in college?

Lebron James did not go to college!

What did LeBron James major in at college?

Lebron James did not go to college, so he could not have majored in anything.

Where did LeBron James play college ball?

lebron james played college ball at linston high school

Where did LeBron James play college basketball?

Lebron James did not play college basketball. he went from High School to the NBA.

Is LeBron James going to the Heat?

Lebron Is definitely going to go to the Heat

What college did lebron did LeBron James go too?


Why did LeBron James skip college?

LeBron James skipped college and was drafted out of high school. He chose to take the money rather than go to college.

What team did LeBron James play for in college football?

LeBron James is a professional basketball player. He never played college football, nor did he even attend college.

What team is LeBron James gong to?

Lebron is going to the heat.

What college did LeBron James go to?

lebron James didnt go to collage he skiped collage and when to the NBA

Which college was LeBron James considering?

Lebron James considered both Notre Dame and Ohio State

How many championships is LeBron James going to win?

LeBron James is going to win 4 to 5 championship rings when he retires

Is LeBron James going to the nfl?


What college did LeBron James attend?

Lebron James didn't attend college, he went to the NBA straight out of High School.He did not go to college. He got drafted straight from high-school.

Where would lebron James have attended college?

He was really interested in going to Ohio State. So that's my best guess.

What NBA player that did not play college?

LeBron James

Which athlete is a star without college?

lebron James

Is LeBron James going to the knicks?

absolutely NOT

Who is going to be the nba mvp?

LeBron James

Is lebron James going toplay soccer?


Why didn't Lebron James want to go to college?

He had a great chance of making it to the NBA, because of all the hype going around him

Who are the leading scorers in NBA currently?

LeBron James, LeBron james, Lebron James, and leBron James

Is Lebron James going to the Chicago Bulls?

No. He is going on Miami Heat.

Where is LeBron James going to play in NBA season 11?

lebron James is going to play with the brookln nets he signed withwith Miami heat

Did LeBron James play basketball in collage?

no but he did play in college