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No College teams play on Sunday. Well, in football that is. NFL is Sunday.

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Q: What college teams don't play on Sunday?
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How many nfl games are broadcast Sunday?

On a usual Sunday (meaning like a random Sunday, not thanksgiving Sunday or Christmas Sunday, or in a playoff week or superbowl week) usually there are 4 teams with byes, 2 teams played on Thursday, and 2 teams play on monday, so 24 teams play on Sunday, so 12 games on Sunday. without the byes, there are 28 teams who play on Sunday, so 14 games on Sunday. if that helped, please click on the "Trust" button. Thanks!

What college teams play in Beltsville?

No college teams play in Beltsville, MD. However, Beltsville borders College Park, MD, home of the University of Maryland Teripins.

Which college football teams have never played in a bowl game?

the cal state san marcos team since they dont play football

How many college teams play in March Madness?


What college football teams play in las Vegas?


What teams did Darren mcfadden play for?

He use to play for the University of Arkansas Razorbacks in college

Do you have to play competitive softball to play in college?

You do not have to play competitive softball to play in college. although it helps, most college coaches look for players from competitive teams. I would recommend it.

How many teams in the CFL?

Eight teams, if you dont include Ottawa who will begin play in the 2010 season.

Can a college student try out for football at another college?

You must be enrolled in the college/university to be eligible to play on their teams.

Did college all-stars play against NFL teams?


Does women play professional football?

no they dont play professional but they do play in teams fro goals in school or for fitness

What is a bye in netball?

not many netball teams have byes but its when you dont play for a week.

Which College football teams play in an indoor stadium?

Tulane, Idaho and Syracuse

What NFL Teams play mostly at 1 pm every Sunday?

coy boys dallas and Detroit

If you dont play high school baseball can you play baseball in college?

yes of course. But the college will need to see you play in a game though.

How do you try out for New Orleans Saints?

um... you dont. nfl teams dont have open tryouts. play division 1 football and be a star. They dont have try outs smart one. They draft college players mostly from D1 schools such as Wisconsin or TCU.

How many teams did jackie robinson play on?

I dont care but i think it's 2

What team did Wayne Gretzky play for in college?

Wayne Gretzky did not play in college. He played for a few different teams in juniors in Canada before the WHA/NHL.

What college pro teams did OJ Simpson play for?

OJ played college ball at USC and professionally for the Buffalo Bills.

Why dont NCAA players get paid to play?

Becuase NCAA is a college team and people who play sports for college don't get paid.

When do the Buffalo Bills play?

All NFL teams usually play on Sunday. However, games are also played on Monday and occasionally on Thursday or Saturday.

Do the top two teams in college football play for the national championship?

college football?. Don't you mean American college football,or the real thing?

What does the sweet 16 mean in college basketball?

There are 32 games for each conference. Then when there are 16 teams left, they all play each other until there are 8 teams. Then the 8 teams play for the final 4. And then the final 4 play, and the final 2 play for the Championship.

What football teams are in Switzerland?

Not much because people from Switzerland dont play soccer that much.

What team did Hershel Walker play on?

Georgia Bulldogs in College Various teams in his NFL career