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Q: What college team uses the buffalo bills as their logo?
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What football team is named after IOU's?


What does Buffalo Bill stand for?

Buffalo Bill was one of the last characters of the Old West. His real name is William F. Cody. He was called Buffalo Bill because, amongst his many occupations, he was a buffalo hunter. As a play on the same name, the NFL franchise, which is located in Buffalo, NY, adapted Buffalo Bills as the name of the team and the buffalo as the team's mascot and logo.

What team did OJ Simpson last play for?

OJ Simpson played for USC in college and the Buffalo Bills in the NFL.

What team is the team to only one to played in four straight Super Bowls?

Buffalo Bills

What information does Buffalo Bills News present?

The Buffalo Bills News gives news, reviews, gossip and all information related to the Buffalo Bills. The Buffalo Bills are a professional football team based in Buffalo, New York.

Which NFL team is closest to Ottawa?

Buffalo Bills in Buffalo, NY

What is the team that refers to IOU's?

Buffalo Bills

Which people wear Buffalo Bills hats?

The Buffalo Bills are an NFL American football team. Therefore it is the fans of this team who wear Buffalo Bill hats to show support for their team. They are styled on the snap back hat.

What NFL team has been to 4 straight Super Bowls and lost all of them?

Buffalo Bills

What team did Jim Kelly play for?

Buffalo Bills

What year did the Buffalo Bills originate?

in 1960. Last year the Buffalo Bills celebrated their 50th season.

What team was Trevor Hoffman's wife a cheerleader for?

buffalo bills