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Q: What college team holds the most football national championships?
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What coach holds the record for most national championships in college football?

Paul Bryant

Who has won the most ncaa football championships?

Princeton holds the record with 28 National Championships.

Which college holds the most national titles in football?

usc has 20 jk

What NCAA school holds the most football championships?


What is the college with the most NCAA basketball titles?

With 11 national titles, UCLA holds the record for the most NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championships.

What NCAA Division 1 schools have won the most national championships in men's soccer?

St. Louis University, a jesuit college in St. Louis holds the record with 10

How many national championships has Oklahoma State won?

In Div.1a football....none.AnswerAccording to the NCAA Oklahoma State has won 49 national championships as of the Spring of 2010. This is the 4th highest in the NCAA following UCLA, Stanford, and Southern California. Arkansas follows Oklahoma State with 41 wins. The University of Texas holds 2nd place in the Big XII with 39 wins. Most of OSU's wins have been in Wrestling and Golf.They have won championships in Basketball: 2The answer above is correct, they haven't won any football championships.

What college football team holds the longest losing streak of all-time?

bates college

Who holds the record for touchdowns in a college football season?

Barry Sanders with 39.

What college team has won the most national championship of all time?

I think the University of Alabama in Tuscalusa, Al still holds the record of 14 National championships. They haven't won it in a long time though so someone may have taken the record from them.

Which college football team holds the most wins?

Michigan Wolverines with 877 victories

What college football team holds the record for the most overtimes in one game?


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