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He signed with Coastal Carolina.

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Q: What college team did joey votto sign with?
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What team does Joey Votto play for?

Joey Votto plays for the Cincinnati Reds.

What MLB team does Joey Votto play for?

Joey Votto plays for the Cincinnati Reds.

Who has the best batting average on the team of the Cincinnati Reds today?

joey votto

Who is the best Cincinnati Reds ball player?

2010 MVP Joey Votto or team and NL home run leader jay Bruce or two time gold glover Brandon Phillips

What happens to drafted baseball players who decide to attend college?

If they don't sign with the team that drafted them, or otherwise violate their amateur status, they can attend college and play baseball for the college team, then go back into the undrafted player pool the following year. They can also sign with the team that drafted them, play for that team and attend college in the off-season, but they are not eligible to play baseball for their college team, but may play another sport in college such as basketball or football.

How do you sign up for a football club?

you do not sign up, you are chosen by talent scouts and you may have to play on a college team to be looked at.

How do you make the college football team?

get a scholarship. True or you can just go to college and sign up for football. You will have to pay for your spot but its a way

Why is joe mauer on mlb 11 the show again?

Joey Votto deserved it, but he plays for a small market baseball team so no one outside the Cincinnati area have any idea how important he was to that team. Same for Josh Hamilton even though he is widely known. They won't use him because of the tattoos.

What NFL team does joey galloway play for?

Joey Galloway plays for the patriots

What NHL team does Joey Crabb play for?

Joey Crabb plays for the Florida Panthers.

What NHL team does Joey Hishon play for?

Joey Hishon plays for the Colorado Avalanche.

What NHL team does Joey MacDonald play for?

Joey MacDonald plays for the Calgary Flames.

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