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Archie Manning played for the University of Mississippi.

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University of Mississippi.

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Q: What college team did Archie Manning play for?
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Did Archie manning play in a Super Bowl?

No, not only did Archie Manning not play in a Super Bowl but no team he played on ever made the playoffs.

When did Archie Manning play for New Orleans Saints?

He played on the team from 1971 to 1982.

Did Archie manning win the Heisman?

No, not only did Archie Manning not win a Super Bowl but no team he played on ever made the playoffs.

What college football TEAM did peyton play for?

Peyton Manning played for the Tennessee Volunteers.

Was Archie Manning inducted in the hall of fame?

No, Archie Manning is not in the Professional Football Hall of Fame. A college football star at Ole Miss, Manning was drafted 2nd overall by the New Orleans Saints in the 1971 NFL draft. Manning would play ten seasons for the Saints, and while his stats do not appear impressive, he was one of the most consistent starting quarterbacks in the NFL for over a decade. Since Archie left the Saints in 1982, the team has never let another player wear his #8 jersey. Archie would finish his career after spending two seasons with the Houston Oilers and Minnesota Vikings.

What team did Quarterback Archie Manning play for?

Archie Manning played NFL pro football for the New Orleans' Saints, the Houston Oilers, and the Minnesota Vikings. Archie Manning is the dad of pro football players Peyton manning and Cooper manning.

What NBA team does Archie Goodwin play for?

Archie Goodwin plays for the Phoenix Suns.

What is the name of Peyton Manning's parents?

Peyton Manning hung out with his dad and his teamates when he played football. Peyton watched films of his games. His dad, Archie, teached him a lot of things about football. In high school he was a prep star. He was the shortstop for the baseball team and played on the basketball team for two years. His brother, Cooper, played with Peyton in high school and caught 73 passes for 1,250 yards and 13 touchdowns.

What was the saints record when Archie Manning was quarterback?

In his 10+ seasons with the Saints, Manning started 129 games at QB for the team. Their record in those games was 35-91-3.

What NFL team does Danieal Manning play for?

Danieal Manning plays for the Cincinnati Bengals.

What team does Eli Manning play on?

A football field.

What NFL team does Terrell Manning play for?

Terrell Manning plays for the New York Giants.