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THE Ohio State University

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2009-03-24 16:26:59
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Q: What college name is the number one seller of sports apparel?
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Where can I find roadrunners sport apparel?

Yes there is a store that sells roadrunners sport apparel it is There are other websites that feature roadrunners apparel but they have college sports logos and memorabilia.

What is the royalty rate in the apparel business?

For non-professional non-college sports apparel (e.g. regular fashion apparel), the annual royalty rate is typically between about 1.75% and 6% of net sales. For professional or college sports apparel the royalty rate is between about 8% and 15% of net sales. The Licensee also typically has to agree to certain level of investment in advertising and distribution (e.g. 3% of net sales for advertising and agreeing to open a certain number of flagship stores in the geographic area that is the subject of the license).

Where can someone purchase sports apparel?

There are many stores in which an individual can purchase sports apparel. For example there is Sportchek, Footlocker, Nike and many other places. Sports apparel is also sold at other places such as Walmart.

What college sports network is number one?

Research regarding the number one College Sports Network has provided information that CSTV holds that position.This network is dedicated to College sports 24 hours a day.

Where can one find College sports apparel? has customizable college tees, sweatshirts, and more. They carry up to sizes 6XL and 4XLT. Get Free Shipping with a purchase of $80.

What is a name of a college sports team apparel distributor?

Prep Sportswear is the leading online retailer for the High School, College, Pro Sports, Vintage Teams, Golf Courses, Greek, Military, Destinations, Adventure, Government and Team markets.

Do you have any discount runners apparel?

Runners apparel is often on sale by many popular stores that sell sports equipment, as apparel for running is also an important part of the running itself. To find discounts on running apparel check your local sports shop's catalog to see which running apparel is right for you.

What is the number one sports apparel in the world?

basketball jerseys and shoes would be the amazing soccer cleats, F50's!

How to Sell licensed sports apparel?

This article may be helpful to you. Good luck.

What is an Italian sports apparel manufacturer?


Who is the best sports apparel dropshipper?

Micheal Jordan

What company is an Italian sports apparel manufacturer?


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