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Kentucky wildcats

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Q: What college mens basketball team has the second longest home winning streak?
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Who has the Second longest winning streak in mens high school basketball?

Texas, won 134 games from 1987 to '91.

What is the second longest winning streak at WrestleMania?

john cena

What college football team has the second longest current win streak?


Where is Notre Dame ranked on the all time college basketball wins list?

Notre Dame has the top winning percentage of all time as of December, 2013. They are followed by Michigan State in second, and Boise state in third.

Do timeouts carry over in college basketball?

all but one to the second half

What team had the second longest winning streak in NBA history?

The 07-08 Houston Rockets with 22 consecutive wins.

In What year did the Milwaukee Bucks have the second longest winning streak in NBA history?

The Bucks 20 game winning streak began February 6 and ended March 8 in 1971.

Who gets the ball first in the second half college basketball?

the team who did not get the tipoff in the 1st half

What is the second longest college football rivalry?

The second longest college football rivalry that has been continuously played every year is USC (South Carolina) vs. Clemson. Their first meeting dates back to the 1890's. They have met every fall since 1909.

Who has won both football and baseball in the same year?

No one has ever done this, Florida came close to winning all three major men's titles, winning football, basketball, and then comming in second in baseball

What is Africas second longest river?

Africas second longest river is the congo.

How much time is needed for a catch and shoot in college basketball?

8 seconds