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Q: What college has the most linebackers playing in the NFL?
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What college has produced the most NFL linebackers?

The Ohio State University has over 400 linebackers in the NFL, some of which also start as QBs because they are considered too valuable to play just LB.

Can linebackers be short?

Yes linebackers can be short, but most linebackers in the NFL are 5'11-6'2....but that doesnt mean that you have to be tall sometimes being short is an advantage in the linebacker positions.

What college has the most players playing in the NFL currently?


What linebackers are 5'10 - 6'1 in the NFL?

All of them

What NCAA football coach has put the most linebackers into the NFL?

Joe paterno and Jim Harbaugh

What team in the NFL has the best linebackers?

Pittsburgh Steelers.

Can you be in the NFL without playing college football?

i think college football is the stepping stone to NFL..

What college has had the most running backs in the nfl?

which college has put the most running backs in the nfl

What the average speed for NFL linebackers?

4.75 40 yard dash.

What NFL players wears the number 57?

that would be reserved for linebackers

Who are the Ohio state players in the NFL?

There are 3 linebackers on the Rams from Ohio State

Which college has the most NFL players?


Which college has the most players in the NFL?


Who are the football player that wear the number 99?

In the NFL system the numbers 90-99 are defensive lineman and linebackers. High School and college I don't think it matters as much.

Who is the NFL's all time sack leader for linebackers?

Kevin Greene with 160 sacks.

How many ex nfl players have sons playing in college?


How many NFL players are from nebraska?

Playing now... 33

Which college has the most quarterbacks in the NFL?

The University of Maryland, College Park

What college team has the most NFL players in the NFL as of 2009?

Florida Gators.

What is the average weight for linebackers in the NFL?

The Average weight and height of a NFL linebacker is 6'2 and 235 lbs hardest players in the GAME!

Who is Ray Lewis?

Ray Lewis is the Baltimore Ravens MLB or middle linebacker. He is known as one of the best linebackers in the nfl. He went to college at Miami and he was the mvp of super bowl 35.

Do you have to go to college to get in the NFL?

It's not a requirement, but it's very difficult to get into the NFL any other way. The NFL does most of its drafting from college teams.

How many Boston College football players are currently in the NFL?

There are currently 26 former Boston College football players currently playing in the NFL. The most well-known of these may be Matt Ryan, quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons.

What is the most NFL ready conference in college?


What college has the most NFL players?

Miami Hurricanes