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Avon old farms

sailsbury school


Avon Old Farms is the best high school hockey team in the U.S period....8 New England Championships


Jon Quick

Brian Leech

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Q: What college has the most New England prep school hockey players?
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What percentage of NCAA D1 hockey players are from Canada?

most of the players are from the city of that college. you can't just play for a college team and not go to that college, you have to go to that school, wich most people just go to the school in there city, unless they get a good scholarship for another school.

What percentage of New England Prep School hockey players will go on to play Division one college hockey?

At my school two years ago, 75% of the entire team had repeated a grade. It simply allows for the player and team to be bigger faster and stronger. But overall the number is lower, but if I had to give a percentage, I would say around 50%.

What percentage of New England Prep School boys ice hockey players will go on to play Division one mens ice hockey?

43. But the interesting thing about statistics is that 98% of them are made up.

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Is junior hockey hurting prep school hockey?

junior hockey is the wave of the future. more premier players are moving away from prep and high school hockey because they dont have to deal with the politics associated with high school hockey. one example: a senior game. often, seniors are not the best players ona team but they get to play because it is their last game. juniors hockey eliminates age brackets and separates players the way they should be separated: by skill level.

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What counts towards a NJ high school hockey players points?

As in all hockey games, points are made up of the player's goals and assists.

Where do most NFL players come from if not from college?

high school.

Did Keanu Reeves play college football?

No. He played high school hockey in Canada.

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