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According to Pro Football Reference, Ohio State has had 366 players on NFL rosters and Michigan has had 323.

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Q: What college has put more players in the NFL Michigan or Ohio State?
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What college has the most players to play in the nfl?

Ohio State - 55 players

What are the release dates for College GameDay - 1986 Michigan State University Vs- Ohio State University?

College GameDay - 1986 Michigan State University Vs- Ohio State University was released on: USA: 16 October 2008

What is the longest football rivalry in college sports?

michigan ohio state

The top ten college produced most nfl players in last twenty years?

Usc, texas, notre dame, Ohio state, Michigan, Florida, Florida state, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Penn state

Which college has produced the most NFL players?

ohio state

Which college currently has most players in NFL?

Ohio state

What was the greatest game in college football history?

The Michigan-Ohio State game in 2006. Ohio State wins 42-39.

What is given to the players of Ohio state after a win over Michigan?

golden pants charms

How many games has Ohio state won when playing Michigan?

As of the beginning of the 2013 college football season, Ohio State has a record of 44-58-6 when facing Michigan in football.

What was Coach Cooper's Ohio State versus Michigan Record?

John Cooper had a record of 2-10-1 against Michigan in his 13 seasons as head football coach at Ohio State: 1988: Michigan 34, Ohio State 31 1989: Michigan 28, Ohio State 18 1990: Michigan 16, Ohio State 13 1991: Michigan 31, Ohio State 3 1992: Michigan 13, Ohio State 13 1993: Michigan 28, Ohio State 0 1994: Ohio State 22, Michigan 6 1995: Michigan 23, Ohio State 21 1996: Michigan 13, Ohio State 9 1997: Michigan 20, Ohio State 14 1998: Ohio State 31, Michigan 16 1999: Michigan 24, Ohio State 17 2000: Michigan 38, Ohio State 26

Which college has had the most players drafted since 2000?

Ohio State

What is the best rivalry in college football?

Ohio State and Michigan UniversityCorrection, Ohio State and the University ofMichigan. In which, Michigan leads the series 57-42

What are the best rivals in college football?

Without a doubt, the best rivalry in college football is Ohio state and Michigan.

What is the biggest college football game?

Michigan "Wolverines" V. Ohio State "Buckeyes"

What college has had the most players drafted since the year 2000?

Ohio State

How many days since Michigan beat Ohio state?

How many days since Michigan beat Ohio state

When did Michigan State beat Ohio State in football?

The last time Michigan State beat Ohio State was in 1999 in East Lansing, Michigan.

Does Michigan State play Ohio State in football every year?

Yes they do. Many people (myself included) will tell you that the Ohio State Michigan rivalry is the greatest rivalry in college football. Normally, the Ohio State vs. Michigan football game is the last game of the regular season for both teams although the Big Ten would like to change that.

What teams have the greatest rivalry in NCAA college football?

The Ohio State Buckeyes and The Michigan Wolverines.

Who is the best college football team ever?

Nebraska 1971

What college football team had 44 players go to the NFL?

Ohio State University

What is a good college to become a veterinarian?

Michigan state university or Ohio state university they give u more learning

How many NCAA championships has the big 10 won?

In college football, 15. Ohio State (5), Minnesota (4), Michigan (2), Michigan State (2), Penn State (2)

Ohio state football schedule 1968 vs Michigan State?

Ohio State 25 Michigan State 20

What is the big ten conference in college football?

The Big Ten Conferences consists of: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Northwestern, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue, Wisconsin.