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The University of Utah (Utes).

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The University of Utah

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Q: What college football team is called the U?
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What college football team has a blue U on their helmet?

Utah state

How can you get recruited by a college football team?

You have to be on the high school team.... And then u Video record your game(s) then send them to schools and if your good enough they will draft you

Are there football teams that start with the letter 'U'?

Yes ... most that are associated with a college ... University of (whatever college and team). Perhaps like:* UCLA * USC * University of Arizona Wildcats

How do u become a football player?

Join a local football team and if u play good u might get scouted and join a youth club then u have to do good to join the real team

How do you delete a team on fantasy football on sky?

how do u delete a team in sky sports fantasy football

How do you start your own NFL football team?

u buy a team

What football team name begins with u?


Football teams beginnning with the letter U?

The Utah Utes is a football team from the University of Utah. They begin with the letter U.

Can you root for a college football team from a college you didn't go to?

yes you can it seems like you should but i say u don't root for your rivals like if u went to usc don't root for notre dame and if u went to duke don't root for unc but if u went to like washigton and you wanted to root for a team like Texas i don't think they would care

What college currently has the most pro football players from it?

the U

How would you get into a national football team?

you get to the national football team very easy go to the website and say u want to join good lick hope u dont get in

What are college football hand gestures?

College Football hand gestures are representative hand signals based on the name of the team or the team logo. The gesture is used in a cheering manner by fans. Examples- Hands held together in a U represents the Utah Utes or "the U" of Miami. Other teams with hand gestures include: Texas Longhorns, TCU Horned Frogs, Oregon Ducks, etc..