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Q: What college football team has the most all time wins without winning a national championship?
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What is the worst record for a team the year after winning a college football national championship?

5 AND 7

Who played college basketball and ended up winning a national championship in football?

Julius peppers

What do players get for winning college BCS national championship?


Which college football team won the 1991 NCAA football championship?

Miami and Washington were both credited with winning the national championship. Miami was No. 1 in the AP poll and Washington No. 1 in the UPI.

What is the probability of Alabama winning a national championship in football?

As of Nov 3 2010, they have a 3% chance of playing in the National Championship Game.

What division 1 NCAA football team is the most winning team in history?

Coming into the 2008 season, that would be Michigan with 872 victories. <-- Updated ---- it would be WVU they are the winningest team in college football but have never won a national championship. ________________________________________________________________________ WVU is only the most winning school without a National Championship, they are not the most winning school all-time.

When is the last time Tennessee won a national championship in football?

Tennessee won the 1998 national championship after winning the 1999 Fiesta Bowl against Florida State in the first-ever BCS National Championship.

What do you call something that happens twice every hundred years?

Georgia winning a national championship in football.

What college team won the 1932 national championship?

Most had USC winning the National Title.1932Colgate: Parke Davis*Michigan: Dickinson, Parke Davis*Southern California: Billingsley, Boand, Dunkel, Football Research, Helms, Houlgate, National Championship Foundation, Parke Davis*, Poling, Williamson

Have the West Virginia Mountaineers ever won a National Title in football?

No, but they have won the most games without winning a national championship in NCAA history.

Who is winning the national championship?


Longest college football winning streak?

universality of Wisconsin-Whitewater has the longest winning streak in all of college football

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