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Michigan Wolverines.

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Q: What college football team did president Ford play for?
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Which president play college football for the university of Michigan?

The answer is Gerald Ford

What president play college football for the University of Michigan?

Gerald Ford.

What US President was a Big Ten college football player?

President Gerald Ford was a Big Ten football player for the University of Michigan. He is the only US president to play college football at the Division 1-A level.

Did Gerald Ford play pro football?

He played College and University football

What president was a professional football player?

Gerald Ford was a star college football player and had offers to play pro football but did not take them. No other president was close to professional caliber. ( Pro quarterback Jack Kemp ran for vice-president but did not win.)

Who was the president that had offers to play professional football?

Gerald R. Ford

Did president ford play in any college bowls?

No.The University of Michigan, where President Ford played college football, played in the first ever Rose Bowl game (then known as the Tournament of Roses game) in 1902 and then did not play in another bowl game until the 1948 Rose Bowl.President Ford graduated from Michigan in 1935.

Who was the only president to play collage football?

Gerald Rudolph Ford :D

Dave katz college football and arena football?

Dave Katz did he play college football or arena football? Dave Katz did he play college football or arena football?

Where did Clint Hurdle play college football?

did clint hurdle play college football

What college football team did Brock Lesnar play for?

He didn't play College Football.

How did college become football?

College never became football. People in college play football.

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