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Q: What college football team did Cris Carter play for?
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What NFL team did Cris Carter play for?

Cris Carter rose to fame as an outstanding wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings. He also played for the Eagles.

What college did cris collingsworth play for?

The University of Florida

What years did Cris Carter play for the Minnesota Vikings?

Carter played for the Vikings between the 1990-2001 seasons.

Was cris shale a football player?

Yes Cris Shale did play football. He played for BGSU in college and he was a 10th Round Draft Pick of the Washington Redskins in 1990. He injured his neck and was later signed by the New York Jets in 1994. He was a professional punter. They say,'not many athletes can say they were the best at what they did, Cris Shale is one who can'. Shale is also an all American in college and me Bob Hope on his Christmas Special. Cris Shale was an amazing punter and is the best dad ever.

Did Jimmy Carter play football?


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What college football team did Brock Lesnar play for?

He didn't play College Football.

Where did Clint Hurdle play college football?

did clint hurdle play college football

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College never became football. People in college play football.

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