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They don't, as a group. Individual members went to any number of different colleges (most of them have already been to college, and played football there).

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Q: What college does the Dallas Cowboys go to?
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Did any of the Dallas Cowboys go to college?


Where did Dallas Cowboys running back Marion Barber go to college?

University of Minnesota

What did dallas cowboys running back Marion barber go to?

He played college football at the University of Minnesota.

Where did Leon Lett formerly of the Dallas Cowboys go to college?

Leon Lett attended Emporia State University in Kansas.

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Cornerback Morris Claiborne, the Dallas Cowboys' first selection in the 2012 National Football League college draft, wears No. 24.

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Troy Aikman spent 12 years with the Cowboys between 1989-2000.

Are the Dallas Cowboys in college football?

No, they are apart of the NFL (National Football League).

What college football team does Selena Gomez like?

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The Dallas Cowboys in the 1974 NFL college draft.

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