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Q: What college did ravens backup quarterback kyle boller attend?
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What college did kyle boller attend?


What position does Kyle Boller play?

Kyle Boller was a quarterback. He will be lucky to be a water-boy next year.

Who did flacco replace?

Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Joe Flacco (#5) replaced former quarterback Kyle Boller when he went down with a season-ending injury early in the 2008 pre-season, and backup QB Troy Smith went down with an illness. He started for the Ravens in the 2008 season opener, and 5 years and a Super Bowl win later, he still remains as starter.

Who was the first quarterback ever drafted in the first round by the Baltimore Ravens?

Kyle Boller threw for seven touchdowns and nine interceptions during his rookie season.

What is the birth name of Kyle Boller?

Kyle Boller's birth name is Kyle Bryan Boller.

Who is Ravens quarterback in 2008?

The Ravens' 2008 season began with a 3-way battle for the QB position between incumbent Kyle Boller, backup Troy Smith, and newly drafted Rookie Joe Flacco. During the pre-season, Boller went down with a season-ending injury, and Troy Smith benched by illness. The starting job fell to Flacco, and he has remained the Ravens starting QB ever since.

When was Heinrich Boller born?

Heinrich Boller was born in 1921.

When did Heinrich Boller die?

Heinrich Boller died in 2007.

How tall is David Boller?

David Boller is 6' 1".

How tall is Juliana Boller?

Juliana Boller is 165 cm.

How tall is Kyle Boller?

Kyle Boller is 190.5 cm.

When was Kyle Boller drafted into the NFL?

Kyle Boller was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the first round (19th overall) of the 2003 Draft. He played nine seasons in the National Football League, after playing college footballfor California.