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Sue went to Uconn or the University of Connecticut. she graduated in 2002

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Q: What college did WNBA player sue bird attend?
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Who is the cutiest player in the WNBA?

Sue Bird

What college did Larry bird attend?

Indiana State

Who is the oldest player ever to play in the WNBA?

The oldest player is Taj McWilliams-Franklin playing for NY Liberty.

Who is the best WNBA point guard?

Sue Bird

What college did NFL player Bront Bird play for?

NFL player Bront Bird played for Texas Tech.

What WNBA team is Sue Bird on?

Sue Bird is a WNBA (Womens National Basketball Association) player. She plays point guard. She is one of the best point guards in history and will more then likely make it to the Hall of fame. She plays for the Seattle Storm, went to Uconn and is from New York.

Is angel mccoughtry the best player in the WNBA?

Angel McCoughtry is the best player in the wnba but there are other good player that are almost as good as she is they include players such as,(Diana Tarasi,Kelly Miller,Courtney Paris,Ashley Paris,Sue Bird Lauren Jackson ,Candace Parcker,Lisa Leslie,Simone Agusta,Coco Miller)

Who has the most WNBA rings?

Which woman has the most championship rings

Who are the best Jewish basketball players?

The best basketball players that are Jewish are as follows:Omri Casspi (Drafted in 2009 by the Sacramento Kings; First Israelian player to play in NBA)Larry Brown (MVP of the first ABA all-star game; Olympic gold medalist)Sue Bird (WNBA player of Seattle Storm; 28th all-time in WNBA history in scoring; 2nd all-time in assists in WNBA history)

When was Bird College created?

Bird College was created in 1945.

Name 3 WNBA players that played for the Connecticut huskies?

Nykesha Sales, Sue Bird, and Diana Taurasi

What college did Larry Bird come out of?

He came out of Indiana State College.