What college did Joe Montana go to?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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notre dame

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Q: What college did Joe Montana go to?
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Did Joe Montana go to college?

notre dame

Is Joe Montana in the college hall of fame?

yes he is

What college team did joe Montana play for?

Notre Dame.

What college did joe montana play for?

Notre Dame

What College National Champion Quarterback won a Super Bowl in the NFL?

Joe Montana, Joe Namath

Why did Joe Montana go in the NFL?

because he wanted $

Who has A us city called after him?

Joe Montana has a city called Joe named for him in Montana. Joe, Montana

Where did Jonas go to college?

Joe Jonas didnt go to college.

Where does nick Montana go to college?

The University of Washington

How many does joe Montana?

joe Montana has 4 rings

What were the most points scored by a player in a major college football game?

it was Joe Montana with 90 something

How much is a Joe Montana notre dame college football card worth?

It is valued at $1200.