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Temple...Number 6...the same number hes had with every team he has ever played for

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Q: What college did Eddie Jones attend and what number did he wear for the Lakers?
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What college did Eddie Jones attend?

Temple Universty

Where did Eddie Royal attend college at?

Virginia Tech

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Who played shooting guard for the lakers before Kobe?

Eddie Jones who was in his second season with the Lakers in 1995-1996. Jones moved to small forward after Kobe came to LA. Eddie was traded to the Charlotte Hornets in March, 1999.

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Read "The Eddie Stobart Story" by Hunter Davies. Harper-Collins 2002.

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What other teams has Eddie Jones of the Miami Heat played for?

Los Angeles Lakers Charlotte Hornets Memphis Grizzlies Dallas Mavericks

What number is Eddie royal?

Eddie Royal wears number 19 on his Jersey.