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Q: What college degree do you need to be a sports Biomechanist?
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College degree

Do you need a degree in sports management to coach a sports team?

Yes u do need a certain degree to coach soccer.

What college degree do you need to becme a singer?

A college degree is not required for this field.

What kind of degree does a basketball player need?

None,you can be in sports but you would have to be really good in academics. If you have bad academics you could be kicked out of school. That's why you don't have to have a college degree to be in sports.

Does someone need a college degree to work at SeaWorld?

One does not need a college degree to work at SeaWorld. Companies often hire people with no degree when they need people to work. Companies wont also hire people with no degree when they have applicants that want the job have college degree. With a college degree one is certain to get hired.

What degree in college does a person need to become a microbiologist?

you need a doctoral degree

To coach in the nba do you hve to have a college degree?

yes you do because there are alot of rules to play basketball

Does a marine need a college degree?


Do you need a degree in inventing to be a inventor?

Yes, you do need to go to college to be a inventor and get a degree.

What college degree do you need to become an NBA scout?

u have to play basket ball first then u need to fill in an applicatin but first u need a gramy and need to know tom cruise but no one knows him except for jonny wilkison

What degree do you need to have to become an sports psychologists?


What do you need to major in to become a sports agent?

you should major in sports management and then go to law school. you dnt need a sports management degree and u dnt need a law degree..basically anythin in business is fine