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The University of Dayton with former NFL head coaches Jon Gruden and Chuck Noll. Together they accounted for 5 Super Bowl wins.

Second place with four (4) Super Bowl wins goes to San Jose State with Bill Walsh (3) and Dick Vermeil (1) as well as Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT) as Bill Belichick has now won four (4) Super Bowls.

Four other schools have had two alumni who went on to win Super Bowl games: Eastern Illinois with Mike Shanahan (2) and Sean Payton (1), Arkansas with jimmy Johnson (2) and Barry Switzer (1), Miami-Ohio with Weeb Ewbank (1) and John Harbaugh (1), and University of the Pacific with Tom Flores (2) and Pete Carroll (1).

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Make that (3) for Miami of Ohio. Sean Mcvay (receiver on 2005-07 teams and afterwards assistant coach).
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Miami has produced 55 pro players. That is the most from a school. hope this helps

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The state of Ohio has produced more nfl head coaches than any other state.

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University of Dayton!

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Q: What college coach produced the most pro football players?
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