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Miami has produced 55 pro players. That is the most from a school. hope this helps

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Q: What college coach produced the most pro football players?
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What College Football Coach has the most players drafted to the NFL?


What college football players have worn number 10?

anyone whos coach told them to

Which college football coach has produced the most Heisman Trophy winners?

Notre Dame

What is the best major in college to become a football coach?

I am a football coach and i can tell you from experience that Physical education is the best major or any kind of education to teach your players.

Is a college degree required to be a college football coach?


What does a coach does in football?

Yells at the players and tells them how to play.

When was Sporting News College Football Coach of the Year created?

Sporting News College Football Coach of the Year was created in 1963.

What does a football coach have to do with math?

Umm... he has to plot where the players will be running?

What are the types of football coaches?

The General, the players coach, and the doormat

How many football violations has Alabama football had?

the coach did 69 with all the players moms

When was Associated Press College Football Coach of the Year Award created?

Associated Press College Football Coach of the Year Award was created in 1998.

Can you coach college football without a degree?

Hell no

Who is the smallest coach in college football?

Nick Saban

Who is the oldest coach in college football?

Joe Paterno Penn State head coach

Which college football coach has the most wins at his alma mater?

Coach Ault - Nevada

Who is the highest paid college football coach?

Nick Saban

Who is oldest college football coach?

Joe Paterno 82

Who was Ellis Hobbs college football coach?

Dan MaCarney

What is the average tenure of a college football coach?

Four years.

Who was the college football coach of the year in 1982?

Joe Paterno

Who is the best head coach in college football?

Lane Kiffin

Who was the best college football coach?

Paul Bear Bryant

Which coach won the ncaa championship in college football?

Their are alot of them.

How many players can play in a football match?

In a team of football there are eleven players each. And the coach can use only three substitutes each.

Why do football players get paid more than real estate angets?

Football players get paid more than agents because the coach's want the best players!!