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University of Kentucky University of North Carolina Kansas University

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Q: What college basketball teams have the most all time wins?
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Which ncaa college basketball teams have won the most games all time?


Who has won the most college basketball games all-time?

Kentucky 1901 wins

Who is the most renowned basketball player of all time in Chicago Bulls teams number 23?

Michael Jordan

Who has most wins in a row college basketball all time?

The current UConn womens team.

Mens college basketball- Why do the Syracuse Orangeman only play Pittsburgh one time and its away?

In the big east there are only 18 conference games and there are 16 big east teams there are some teams they play twice but most not but it will most likely alternate next year ie pitt @ su

Most wins in college basketball and football?

All-Time College Basketball Team With Most Wins up til 08-09 season* University of Kentucky with a record of 1988 wins and 635 lossesAll-Time College Football Team With Most Wins 1869-2008* Michigan with a record of 872-295-36

What is the record for the most dunks in a college basketball season?

Dyron Nix from Tennessee. Pacer for a short time.

How long is half time in a college basketball game?

how log is half time in a colle basketball game

You are enrolled part time in college can you play college basketball?

No you can't play college basketball being part time. You have to be a full time student. Most universities consider full time 12, or more credit hours. A full time schedule for college would be around 4 classes to be full time depending on what your taking and how many times a week you meet up. Good luck to you!

Do basketball teams switch goals every period?

Only at half time.

Is dayton good at basketball?

The Dayton Flyers men's basketball team is a college basketball program. Dayton is one of the top-50 all time winningest Division I college basketball programs.

What are Worst basketball teams of all time?

the worst basketball team is the charlotte bobcats they were founded in 2004 they still have no championships

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