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Either Kentucky or Ohio State without a doubt. Kentucky coach John Calipari takes outstanding offensive players and teaches them tough defense. Ohio State has the good coaching but they also have a good balance between young and expeirenced players which helps to. Another team that plays in your face defense is West Virginia.

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Q: What college basketball team has the best defence?
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What is the best team in men's college basketball history?

kentucky is the best basketball team of all time

Who would win the best college basketball team or the worst NBA team?

it depends on what team?

What team has the best attendance in college basketball?

Kentucky Wildcats

What is Barack Obama's favorite college basketball team?

Well, for the most part, Mr. Obama said in one of his interviews that the basketball team of University of Southern California, is by far the best college team in the nation. He believes in the team and we should to.

Who' the best basketball team ever?

UCLA college team under John Wooden in the '60s

Who is the best college basketball team in the state of Tennessee?

The University of TENNESSEE.

What is the best college basketball team of all time?

le moyne

If your playing defence and thother team gets the ball what do you do for basketball?

if your playing defense the other team already has the basketball

What is the best college basketball team ever?

The North Carolina Tar Heels.

Who is the best mens college basketball team ever?

tDuke Blue Devils

What is the basketball team that dose not have possession of the ball called?

The defence.

Which college basketball team is the best in featur?

Hmm, "best in featur"? Really have no clue what that means, but I would say the University Of Kentucky Wildcats is the best team as of 2012.

What college basketball team is coached by CV Stringer?

Rutgers' basketball team

What college mens basketball team has scored the most points in a season?

the highest scoring college basketball team ever

Why is defence needed for basketball?

So The Other Team Cant Score..

Best College basketball team of all-time 2008?

Kansas Jayhawks won the National Championship. Perhaps the best team of the decade, beating a stacked Memphis team in overtime.

What was the first womens basketball team?

The first women's basketball team began at Smith College in 1892. The team was led by Senda Berenson who was an instructor at the college.

Which men's NCAA college basketball team has had most losses and won the NCAA championship?

What college basketball team has the most losses?

What women's college basketball team has the best winning record?

The all time best womens basketball team for college is MOST likely the Tennessee Volunteers, but as of the past two years it has been Connecticut. Although Tennessee has still maintained a top 25 ranking in this two year span.

What is defence in basketball?

when the other team has the ball you are on "defense" , meaning you are trying to stop the other team from scoring.

Who are the most famous basketball team?

The most famous college basketball team in the United States of America is the Michigan State Spartan basketball team. The most famous professional basketball team is the Pistons.

Is there a limit of how many total basketball players on a college team - playing and on bench?

Yes, you can only have a total of 12 players on a college basketball team.

Does this college have a basketball team?


Which college is the Gonzaga basketball team associated with?

The Gonzaga basketball team is the intercollegiate men's basketball team representing Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. The team's mascot is Spike The Bulldog.

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