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coach K

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Q: What college basketball coach has most wins past ten years?
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What coach has the most college basketball championship?

John Wooden

What coach holds the most college basketball technical fouls?

Bob Knight

Who has the most wins as a college basketball coach and what year?

for mens division 1, bobby night

What coach has won the most US college basketball championships?

John Wooden (all at UCLA)

Who did Dean Smith pass to become the coach with the most victories in college basketball history?

Adolph Rupp

What NCAA Basketball coach has the most players playing in NBA in the last 5 years?

=Roy Williams=

Are there different fields of a basketball coach?

There is generally only one coach. The others, as not everybody can be the head coach, are usually assistant coaches. In years to come, most become head coaches.

Who is the most winning college basketball coach still coaching today?

Coach Roy Williams of the University of North Carolina Mens Basketball! He is very experienced and an amazing man! You are amazing Coach Williams! <3

What college coach has the most wins of any college coach in history?

Bobby Knight

Who is the most famous African American college basketball coach?

I believe it was Root Jackson, former member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Who has the most wins in college football plus basketball over the last 5 years?


Is the collegiate coach with the most division i NCAA wins in men's basketball?

Coach with Most Div III Basketball WinsGlenn Robinson, at 799 wins as of 2-6-2011 has the highest number of wins in Division III basketball history. The NCAA Division III basketball coaching records through 2009 verify that Robinson is the coach with the highest number of wins Ryan Summers is mentioned nowhere in the NCAA Coaching records, for any division.