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Q: What colledge did phillippe coutinho go to?
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What nicknames does Michelle Coutinho go by?

Michelle Coutinho goes by Belle.

What nicknames does Joelle Coutinho go by?

Joelle Coutinho goes by Joey.

Where did Jerry Spinelli go to college?

Gettysburg colledge

What colledge did Albert Einstein go to?

i believe it was princeton

What is the birth name of Dorival Coutinho?

Dorival Coutinho's birth name is Dorival Ferreira Coutinho.

What is the birth name of Michelle Coutinho?

Michelle Coutinho's birth name is Michelle Nicolle Coutinho.

What is the birth name of Luciana Coutinho?

Luciana Coutinho's birth name is Luciana de Arajo Coutinho.

What kind of collage did Helen Keller go to?

Radcliffe Colledge

What did Benjamin frankline over come?

that he could not go to colledge

When was Luciano Coutinho born?

Luciano Coutinho was born in 1948.

When was António Coutinho born?

António Coutinho was born in 1946.

When was Eduardo Coutinho born?

Eduardo Coutinho was born in 1933.