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Q: What collage team in the first thanksgiving football game?
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When First football game was played on thanksgiving day?


Why is there always a football game on Thanksgiving?

It is tradition on Thanksgiving to watch football with friends and family.

Who were the first people to play softball?

The game of softball was first seen at a football game between Harvard and Yale. It was on Thanksgiving Day in 1887.

When was the first NFL football game on Thanksgiving broadcast on the radio and what teams played in the game?

The first NFL football game on Thanksgiving was broadcast on the radio in 1934. The teams that played in the game were the Detroit Lions and the Chicago Bears.

Did the Chicago Bears start the first traditional football game on Thanksgiving?

yes 85 yers ago

Which 2 Pro Football teams played in the first Pro Thanksgiving Day game?

Lions, cowboys

You watch this game on TV after Thanksgiving dinner?

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

When does football come on?

The first Football game on American Thanksgiving in 2007 starts at 12:30 eastern standard time, in a game between the Greenbay Packers and the Detroit Lions.

1934 Thanksgiving football game?

Detroit Lions

What is a traditional Thanksgiving game in the US?

American football

What professional football team introduced the idea of playing a game on Thanksgiving to boost attendance?

The Detroit Lions introduced the idea of playing a game on Thanksgiving to boost attendance. They held their first Thanksgiving Day game in 1934, and it became a tradition that continues to this day.

What game do people play on thanksgiving?

Most people don’t play a game on Thanksgiving. They watch football, nap, and eat.