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what collage dose lebron want to go too

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Q: What collage dose lebron James want to go to?
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What other numbers did lebron James want to be?

lebron will average 51.8 ppg and kobe will average 5.6 ppg

Why didn't lebron James compete in the dunk contest?

he didn't want to

Why did Lebron James want to become a basketball player?

because he know that he has skill on the court when he get on there.

Does LeBron James want to be traded?

No I think he is happy with his spot next to Kobe Bryant on the Celtics

Does LeBron James want a billion dollar contract?

Definitely! Lebron James goes where all the money is. In a heartbreak, he would go the New York Knicks. His attitude in the 2009 playoffs is enough evidence.

How did LeBron James find his way into his career?

LeBron James was known as the best basketball player in the state. Who wouldn't want him on their team? He had scouts at almost all of his games and people in other states and counties even traveled and cheered on LeBron and his amazing team ( the fab five ) at his games!

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In nba 2k9 you had a draft and you got vince carter you want to trade him but you dont know who to trade him for?

LeBron James

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Do they sell those lebron James puppets?

i sell them from my office, if you want them my msn is peter_1992_foxall@hotmail .com look forward to hearing from you

Why didn't Lebron James want to go to college?

He had a great chance of making it to the NBA, because of all the hype going around him

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I want a hamburger:)

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collage grants?

I want to go to remington college

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Do what you want because a pirate is free

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