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Q: What collage Phillip Rivers the quarter of the Chargers come from?
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Who is the first string quarter back for the San Diego Chargers?

For the 2008 season, that is Phillip Rivers.

What is the name of the quarterback that starts for the chargers?

Phillip Rivers

Who is the quarterback of the San Deigo Chargers?

Phillip Rivers.

Who is the QB for the San Diego Chargers?

Phillip Rivers.

What is the name of the San Diego Chargers quarterback?

phillip rivers

Who is the current quarterback for the San Diego Chargers?

Phillip Rivers

When was Eli Manning drafted?

Eli Manning was drafted by the San Diego Chargers in 2004. Later in the draft the New York Giants traded their rookie QB, Phillip Rivers with Eli Manning and the chargers. So Eli Manning went to the Giants. Phillip Rivers went to the Chargers

What team does Philip Rivers play for?

Philip Rivers play for the San Diego Chargers. He is number seventeen on the football team and is the quarter back for the team. Rivers is a member of the Sand Diego Chargers since 2005.

Who had the highest NFL passer rating in 2009?

You mean 2008? Phillip Rivers San Diego Chargers 105.1

Who is The Best Player On The San Diego Chargers?

LaDanian Tomlinson was the only MVP ever produced by the Chargers. Right now, the best Charger is Phillip Rivers for his leadership.

What year was Eli Manning signed in nfl?

Eli Manning was signed in 2004 to the San Diego Chargers, and Phillip Rivers was originally signed to the Giants, but then the Chargers & Giants traded Quarterbacks.

What college and pro football teams has phillip rivers played for?

He has only played with the San Diego Chargers. Started there in 2004 and is still currently there

Who is better Kyle Orton or Phillip Rivers?

Phillip Rivers way better

How much does phillip rivers from the San Diego Chargers get paid?

USA Today salary page for Philip Rivers

For what NFL team does Phillip Rivers play on?

NFL player Phillip Rivers is currently playing for the San Diego Chargers as a star quarterback. He has had many highlights since joining the team in 2004 from the draft. He has been to 4 pro bowls and was quarterback of the year in 2010.

What is Philip Rivers's number on the San Diego Chargers?

Philip Rivers is number 17 on the San Diego Chargers.

Which quarter back was selected 1st overall by the San Diego Chargers in 2004?

Eli Manning. He was then traded to the NY Giants for Philip Rivers.

Who is the chargers quarterback?

Philip Rivers.

Was Giants trading phillip rivers for Eli Manning was bad?

It's not going to be bad! Eli Manning was the Giants member (2004-2013) until he sign the Chargers.

Why did the San Diego Chargers trade Drew Brees?

Brees was not traded. He was released. The Chargers did get a draft pick later from New Orleans as compensation. Brees was released due to the Chargers having spent a #1 draft pick on Phillip Rivers and Brees was coming off a career threatening shoulder injury.

What quarterbacks have started for the San Diego Chargers?

John Hadl, Dan Fouts, Drew Brees, Phillip Rivers, Ryan Leaf, John Unitas, Jack Kemp, Stan Humpfries

How many years has Eli Manning played?

as of 2008 season he has played 4 seasons and his playing his 5th season he was originally drafted by the chargers then the chargers made a deal with the giants to trade phillip rivers for Eli manning @ first it seemed like the chargers got the better deal but now it looks even or more to the giants

What NFL team does Philip Rivers play for?

Philip Rivers plays for the San Diego Chargers.

When is Philip rivers a free agent?

When the Chargers do not want to resign him.

Is the New York Giants tradding Eli Manning to the New England Patriots?

No, originally Eli was drafter by the Chargers. The Chargers and Giants traded quarterbacks though, giving the Charger Phillip Rivers and the Giants Eli Manning. As far as I know, the Giants are not trading Eli Manning to any team.