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Larry Brown is that coach. And most recently Brown at the age of 71 will soon sign a deal with Southern Methodist University to coach their Basketball team.

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Q: What coach is the only one to win the NCAA basketball championship and the NBA championship?
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Syracuse Orange last NCAA basketball championship?

Syracuse has won the NCAA basketball championship only once, in 2003.

How many men's basketball NCAA championships has Georgetown University won?

Georgetown has won only one NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, in 1984.

How many coaches have won both NBA and NCAA titles?

Larry Brown is the only head coach in basketball history to win both an NCAA Championship (Kansas 1988) and an NBA title (Detroit 2004).

How many NCAA championship rings does Jimmy Johnson have?

Jimmy Johnson won his only NCAA national championship ring as head coach of the 1987 Miami Hurricanes.

Missouri tigers ever win ncaa basketball championship?

No, They have only made it to the Elite Eight.

Who are the only basketball players who have won a high school state championship the ncaa championship the nba championship and a olympic gold medal?

earvin Johnson

Who is the youngest coach to win the NCAA Championship in College Football?

Danny Ford guided Clemson to its first and only national championship in 1981, and remains the youngest head coach in NCAA history to win a national title, accomplishing the feat at the age of 33.

What year did Holy Cross win NCAA basketball title?

In 1947, Holy Cross defeated Oklahoma 58-47 to clinch it's first (and to date, only) NCAA Basketball Championship.

Which team did not win the NCAA men's basketball championship in the 1990's?

Lots of teams did not win. Only 9 teams actually won the championship.

How old was the youngest coach to win the NCAA Championship in Football?

Danny Ford guided Clemson University to its first and only national championship in 1981, and remains the youngest head coach in NCAA history to win a national title, accomplishing the feat at the age of 33.

What teams have never won the NCAA basketball championship?

Too many to enumerate, considering that only 35 schools have ever won a championship at all (through 2012).

How many times have the mens and womens teams from the same school won the NCAA basketball championship?

only one ,CONN. in 2004

Has Texas basketball won a national title?

There has been only one team from Texas to win the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Texas Western (now UTEP) in 1966.

How many ncaa basketball championships has Wake Forest won?

They have never won the NCAA Division I basketball championship. The Deacons only trip to the Final Four was 1962. They did win the National Invitational Tournament (NIT) post-season title in 2000.

Why do Marquette University basketball jerseys have AL on them?

In deference to former head coach Al McGuire, the head coach of the only Marquette squad (1977) to win the National Championship.

Who is the only coach to coach a team to a NCAA title and NBA title?

Larry Brown

Which individuals have won an NCAA basketball championship as both a player and a coach?

Since the 1st NCAA Tournament the only male coaches to do so were Bobby Knight, former North Carolina head coach Dean Smith and Joe B. Hall of Kentucky, all won as a player and a head coach. Knight at Ohio State in 1960; Smith at Kansas in 1952, and Joe B. Hall won as a player (1949- Kentucky), even though he didn't play in the Championship game and coach (1978- Kentucky). Also, before the NCAA Tournament, John Wooden led Purdue to National Championship (1932). Also, Mulkey-Robertson became the first woman to win a national championship as both a player and a coach. She won two titles as a player at Louisiana Tech in the early 1980s.

What seed was Marquette when they won the 1977 ncaa championship?

Marquette was the #16 seed in the NCAA Men's basketball tournament in 1977. They advanced and won the championship. They were also the only team to ever beat all 4 #1 seeds during the ncaa tournament.

Is there going to be an EA sports NCAA basketball 2010 for PS2?

No the last was for NCAA Basketball 09 Release Date:November 17, 2008 NCAA Basketball 10 is only Xbox 360 and PS3

Has WVU ever won a national championship in basketball?

Yes. In 1942 West Virginia University won the National Basketball Championship. Although the NCAA might prefer that people forget, in 1942 the NIT was the tournament deciding the National Championship. The NCAA tournament was only 3 years old and teams consistently chose the NIT over the NCAA, as they do the NCAA over the NIT today. WVU finished 16-4 and was one of the 8 teams invited to the NIT, held at Madison Square Garden. They beat Western Kentucky in the final game 47-45 to win the NIT and claim to the National Basketball Championship.

What was Coach K's only loss as US Basketball coach?


Has Purdue ever won the NCAA men's basketball?

No. The only time Purdue has made it to the Championship game was in 1969 against UCLA. UCLA beat them 92-72

Who has won a NCAA football championship and a Super Bowl as a head coach?

Only 2 head coaches have won a Super Bowl, and an NCAA championship. Jimmy Johnson won an NCAA championship with the University of Miami in 1987 and Super Bowls XXVII and XXVIII with the Dallas Cowboys. Barry Switzer won NCAA championships with the University of Oklahoma in 1974-1975 and 1985 and went on to win a super bowl with the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl XXX. Paul Brown won NCAA championship and NFL championships as well, but there was not a super bowl yet.

When was the first basketball tournament held?

The first NCAA men's basketball tournament was held in 1939 with the first NCAA tournament championship game held at Northwestern on March 27, 1939. Only eight teams competed in two regions. Oregon defeated Ohio State in the championship game, and the West region held a third-place game. Enjoy! By: AS

When was the last time Cleveland won a championship?

Basketball 1978 but only basketball

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