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Bill Belichick has amassed seven Super Bowl rings as a coach.

Rings won as:

Head Coach, New England Patriots: 5, Super Bowls XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX, XLIX, LI

Assistant Coach, New York Giants: 2, Super Bowls XXI & XXV

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Q: What coach has the most superbowl rings?
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Which coach has the most Super Bowl rings?

Sorry again its bill belichek with the Patriots he has 6 superbowl rings!

What quarterback has the most Superbowl rings?

Joe Montana

Quarterback with most superbowl rings?

joe Montana

What NFL coach with Super Bowl rings is not in the hall of fame?

Tom Flores, 1st QB for the Oakland Raiders, 4 Superbowl rings.


Bill belichick

How many Super Bowl rings do each nfl team have?

Who has the most Superbowl rings

What NBA coach has won the most championship rings as a player and a coach?

Phil Jackson has the most rings as a coach & player with 12. Two as a player and 10 as a coach

Player or coach who has most championship rings?

Bill Russell has the most rings of anyone, with 11 as a player and 2 as a coach.

What coach and quarterback have the most super bowl wins?

If you're talking about separately which coach and then what quarterback have the most Superbowl rings then here it goes. Don Knoll, Steelers coach who led the team from 1969-1991. He has more rings than any other coaches at 4 by winning Superbowls 9, 10, 13, 14. Tony Montana of the 49ers and Terry Bradshaw of the Steelers. each have 4 Superbowl wins putting them ahead of every other quarterback (Bradshaw didn't start in Superbowl X). A couple of guys who are nipping on the heels of all the aforementioned records are Bill Bellichick and Tom Brady. Each guy has 3 Superbowl wins, the only currently active coach and quarterback to have that.

Who has the most super bowl rings as a coach and asst coach?

the steelers

Which coach has the most championship rings?

Phil Jackson, coach for the Lakers.

How many Super Bowl rings does Gary kubiak own?

Four, none as a player. Superbowl XXIX as a 49er's coach. SBs XXXII, XXXIII, and 50 as a Broncos coach.

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