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Joe Gibbs of the Washington Redskins won three Super Bowls with three different starting quarterbacks ... Joe Theismann in Super Bowl XVII, Doug Williams in Super Bowl XXII, and Mark Rypien in Super Bowl XXVI.

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Q: What coach has the most Super Bowl wins with a different starting quarterback?
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Who is the Pittsburgh Steelers head coach and quarterback?

Mike Tomlin is the Steelers head coach and Ben Roethlisberger is the teams starting quarterback.

Which Super Bowl coach was a quarterback at South Carolina?

ray malavasi

Who was the patriots quarterback in 1986 super bowl?

Tony Eason was the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XX. Eason was 0/6 in passing attempts. He was benched by coach Raymond Berry after the first quarter, and was replaced by backup quarterback Steve Grogan.

Which super bowl head coach played quarterback at South Carolina university?

Dan Reeves

Who was the first person to win Super Bowls as both a player and a coach?

Tom Flores won a Super Bowl as backup quarterback for the Chiefs in Super Bowl IV and as head coach of the Raiders in Super Bowl XV.

Who was the first black quarterback for Alabama?

Walter Lewis was the first black starting quarterback in Alabama history. He was also the last quarterback to play for the legendary Coach Bear Bryant.

Who was or is the most successful NFL coach who was also a NFL quarterback?

Tom Flores, who was the starting QB for the Raiders between 1960-1966 and for the Bills in 1967, won two Super Bowls as head coach of the Raiders (SBs XV and XVIII).

How many Super Bowls had the patriots won?

Three, all with Tom Brady as the quarterback and Bill Belichick as head coach.

Which coach won three Super Bowls with 3 different quarterbacks?

Joe Gibbs of the Washington Redskins. The Reskins won Super Bowl XVII with Joe Theismann as starting QB, Super Bowl XXII with Doug Willliams as starting QB, and Super Bowl XXVI with Mark Rypien as starting QB.

What quarterback and coach combo won the most super bowls?

Terry Bradshaw and Chuck Noll both have four SB rings.

What 2005 green bay quarterback coach was the Badgers quarterback coach in their first Rose Bowl win in 1994?

Darrell Bevell.

Who was the first left-handed quarterback to win the Super Bowl?

Kenny Stabler when he played with the Oakland Raiders under then coach, John Madden.

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