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Coach/national title(s)/their most notable school/year(s) they won the title

~List is chronological

*Actively coaching in NCAA

The Champ (the wizard of Westwood)

John Wooden 10 (UCLA) '64 '65 '67-'73 '75

Multiple wins

Adolph Rupp 4 (Kentucky) '48 '49 '51 '58

*Mike Kzryzewski 4 (Duke) '91 '92 '01 '10

*Jim Calhoun 3 (UCONN) '99 '04 '11

Bob Knight 3 (Indiana) '76 '81 '87

Two wins

Branch McCracken 2 (Indiana) '40 '53

Henry Iba 2 (Oklahoma A&M) '45 '46

Phil Woolpert 2 (San Francisco) '55 '56

Ed Jucker 2 (Cincinnati) '61 '62

Denny Crum 2 (Louisville) '80 '86

Dean Smith 2 (North Carolina) '82 '93

*Roy Williams 2 (North Carolina) '05 '09

*Billy Donovan 2 (Florida) '06 '07

One win

Howard Hobson 1 (Oregon) '39

Bud Foster 1 (Wisconsin) '41

Everett Dean 1 (Stanford) '42

Everett Shelton 1 (Wyoming) '43

Vadal Peterson 1 (Utah) '44

Doogie Julian 1 (Holy Cross) '47

Nat Holman 1 (CCNY) '50

Phog Allen 1 (Kansas) '52'

Ken Loeffler 1 (La Salle) '54

Frank McGuire 1 (North Carolina) '57

Pete Newell 1 (California) '59

Fred Taylor 1 (OSU) '60

George Ireland 1 (Loyola) '63

Don Haskins 1 (Texas Western) '66

Norm Sloan 1 (N.C. State) '74

Al McGuire 1 (Marquette) '77

Joe B. Hall 1 (Kentucky) '78

Jud Heathcote 1 (Michigan State) '79

Jim Valvano 1 (N.C. State) '83

John Thompson 1 (Georgetown) '84

Rollie Massimino 1 (Villanova) '85

Larry Brown 1 (Kansas) '88

Steve Fisher 1 (Michigan) '89

Jerry Tarkanian 1 (UNLV) '90

Nolan Richardson 1 (Arkansas) '94

Jim Harrick 1 (UCLA) '95

*Rick Pitino 1 (Kentucky) '96

Lute Olson 1 (Arizona) '97

*Tubby Smith 1 (Kentucky) '98

*Tom Izzo 1 (Michigan State) '00

*Gary Williams 1 (Maryland) '02

*Jim Boeheim 1 (Syracuse) '03

*Bill Self 1 (Kansas) '08

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Since the 1st NCAA Tournament the only male coaches to do so were Bobby Knight, former North Carolina head coach Dean Smith and Joe B. Hall of Kentucky, all won as a player and a head coach. Knight at Ohio State in 1960; Smith at Kansas in 1952, and Joe B. Hall won as a player (1949- Kentucky), even though he didn't play in the Championship game and coach (1978- Kentucky).

Also, before the NCAA Tournament, John Wooden led Purdue to National Championship (1932).

Also, Mulkey-Robertson became the first woman to win a national championship as both a player and a coach. She won two titles as a player at Louisiana Tech in the early 1980s.

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Pat Riley is the most known coach who has coached in both the NBA and NCAA. He is currently the coach of the Louisville Cardinals, but has coach in the NCAA for Kentucky and Louisville. He has coached in the NBA for the Lakers, the Knicks and the Heat. He has been a coaching icon.

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How many different NBA teams

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Q: What coach has coached the most NBA teams?
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Which 2 NBA teams did the legendary Phil Jackson coach?

He coached the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Who are coaches that played in the NBA finals and coached NBA finals teams?

Phil Jackson and Pat Riley

What NBA teams did Alvin gentry play for?

Alvin Gentry has not played in the NBA. He played college basketball at Appalachian State University. After he held various college position assistant jobs. Eventually, he was hired as an assistant coach under Larry Brown's San Antonio Spurs. He was the head coach for the Los Angeles Clippers and currently he is the coach for the Phoenix Suns.

Who was the last player on the pistons to wear number 2?

Number 2 was retired in honor of Chuck Daly, Head Coach, 1983-92. Daly never played in the NBA; the number 2 represents the two NBA championship teams he coached.

How many NBA teams has Larry brown coach?


What sport is Larry Brown involved in?

Larry Brown is a basketball coach. He coached in both the NBA and college ranks.

Who was the Head Coach for the Boston Celtic's in 1967-68 Basketball Season?

The head coach of the Boston Celtic's in the 1967-68 season was Bill Russell. Bill was a former NBA player, and he was considered a 'legend'. When he retired he coached the Boston Celtics and many other teams.

What NBA team did Bill Russell coach?

Bill Russell coached 3 different NBA teams Boston Celtics 1966 - 1969 (he was the 1st African American head coach in pro sports Seattle Supersonics 1973 - 1977 Sacramento Kings 1987 - 1988

Who was the first basketball coach to lead seven NBA teams to the playoffs?

Larry Brown led seven NBA teams (Nuggets, Nets, Spurs, Clippers, Pacers, 76ers and Pistons) to the NBA Playoffs.

What NBA coach has the most championships as a coach?

Phil Jackson with 10

Who is the best coach in the NBA?

Jerry Sloan has the most wins....due to longevity. Phil Jackson has the Most NBA titles of any active coach

Who are the coaches in an nba all-star game?

In the nba all star game the coaches for the east and west, are the coaches from the top teams in each conference. the two teams with the highest record (1 from east and 1 from west) have their coach as the all star game coach. but the same coach cannot coach the all star game 2 yrs in a row.