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Q: What club teams have beat the all blacks?
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What club teams have beat the all blacks in the UK?

Newport, 3 - 0, in 1963.Munster, 12 - 0, in 1978.

What year did the Munster rugby team beat the All Blacks?

Munster beat the touring All Blacks 12 - nil on the 31st of October, 1978.

The all blacks always beat the wales at rugby?


Which rugby teams are called The Black?

new zealand are the all blacks

Who are the most successful teams in the rwc?

I suspect the answer can only be the All Blacks

What teams does Richie mccaw play for?

Canterbury, Crusaders and the All Blacks

Did Argentina ever beat the All Blacks?

As of February 2016, Argentina have never beaten the All Blacks in a rugby union match.

Who are the other teams in the All Blacks' pool?

They are Canada, France, Japan and Tonga

Are arsenal the best club in the world?

No, all teams

What are the names of your national rugby netball and league teams?

All Blacks,Mystics and warriors

How do you beat the talk with a crab mission on club penguin?

i beat all the missions on club penguin i will give it to you later but i will answer it.

Who won munster or all blackes?

Munster beat the All Blacks on the 31st of October 1978, but the All Blacks have beaten them on all other meetings up to the end of 2011.